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Consumer goods companies spend over USD 40.000 MM per year in Point of Sale Materials (POSM) to promote their products to the shoppers.

The majority of this trade marketing items are made of virgin and of non-recyclable raw materials and when its life cycle ends, they go to the trash.

The most important POSM and one of the most utilized are the additional displays exhibitions frequently used in all retail channels across the industry.

MBM created and patented ARMO®. A modular display system for the point of sale that is designed to be completely reusable, repairable and it is made of recycled post-consumer and post-industrial waste of the same type as the clients’ packaging, so it is 100% recyclable. This system is reconfigurable so the clients can create different types of exhibitions of their products for each seasonality activation in the retail, increasing the reusability of it. ARMO® integrated an easy way to assemble all the pieces and parts of the displays, and all the graphics are supported by superficial tension eliminating the need to use adhesives and making easier the activation in the point of sale.

The idea behind this is the integration of the circular economy and the valorization of plastics waste with the marketing industry, allowing the clients to achieve their sustainability goals, reaching savings of around 40% per year of their trade marketing budgets and in the same percentage the reduction of pollution associated with POSM. This is the Lego® of the Point of Sale Exhibition Modules.

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